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23rd March      -     Another fantastic night with a great audience.  Greggi G & His Crazy Gang were on fire as usual and we all had a brilliant evening plus Bo Duddley kept the floor busy.

23rd February -     What can I say.  We have been spoilt so far this year with some great bands and The Flatcaps were no exception.  Jason was on top form too.  If the year carries on like this i'll be very happy indeed.

26th January -       The year started as expected, with an excellent band.  Shane & The Korrados were superb and went down a storm.  So much so they have been invited back next year. Bo Duddley played some great music too.


22nd December - What a wonderful end to the year? Downtown Daddyo's were superb and entertained us for two sets which included Richie on top form even though he had a bad knee.  Let's hope next year will be equally as good.  Bo Duddley was on form too and kept everyone dancing.

24th November - Another great night but this time with The Heartbeats and Jason's Jukebox. We seems to have quite a few new regulars now and it was an excellent turn out, especially as we were up against a special night in Bristol. Let's hope it stays that way.

20th October - Fantastic night with Bo Walton & Red Alert.  One of the largest audiences since 2013 and everyone was having a great time.  Bo Duddley was on top form too. We also discovered Buicks '56 have split up so we have had to change bands.  Luckily we have brought back Colin Paul & The Persuaders who we haven't seen since February 2016 as Colin had a few problems which he has now sorted out.

15th September - What a great night with such a good band, The Strollers.  I don't know why we've never had them here before but they will definitely be back. Jason played some great music too.

18th August - All I can say is Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires were great, Bo Duddley was great but where was our usual audience? We had a very poor turn out which hit us financially.  Oh well. swings and roundabouts.  We'll make it up again.

21st July - What a great night we had for our 200th dance.  Everyonne got into the spirit of the evening and most dressed as if they were going to a beach party. We had 114 which was a great crowd.  Rockin' The Joint were the perfect band and and our old mate Cockney Rebel did us proud on the decks.  He worked out it was probably his 100th gig with the club and I worked out we'd had 100 different bands and 8 other DJ's over the years.

30th June - I was expecting a quiet night and I had made contingency plans but in the end we had 75 in which was better than expected and the band, Eddie Martin & His Rhythm Cruisers, were great too plus Bo Duddley kept it all together. Next month is the one to look forward to though.

19th May - Again we had another great night, this time with The Bobcats who put on a great show for us and Jason's Jukebox kept everything going.

28th April - So far this year we have seen our club grow even more to the point we had 120 people through the door for Jon Clare and The Fabulous dough Boys which is remarkable.  They are such a great band and deserved that audience as they played two great sets.  Bo Duddley kept the floor full too.  I hope we keep this up especially next month.

24th March - Over 90 attended this dance with Glenn Darren & The Krewkats and we always enjoy them at the club as they are great fun and play some good Rock 'n' Roll.  Jason's Jukebox provided the bits in between.

24th February - almost 90 in and Rockin Em were superb.  Kept the floor filled all night and catered for all tastes.  They will be back.  Jason Jukebox did brilliantly too and played some great music but a few regulars missing although there were some new faces to make up for it.

27th January - 2018 started well.  We had over 100 in to see a fantastic band, The Meekats, and Bo Duddley was in fine form. Let's hope the year carries on like that.

16th December - 2017 finished to the sound of Class Of 58 who were fantastic as usual and we had a great crowd who were up for enjoying themselves and Bo Duddley kept everything flowing.  2018 looks like it's going to be a great year too so please keep supporting us.

18th November - We had a great night with The Kingcats. It's not often we get them here as, to put it simply, they are slightly out of our price range, however it was Roger's birthday and he helped out.  It was also nice to see Martin and Tery from West Wales Rock 'n' Roll Club.  Bo Duddley was with us too.

21st October - Catfish Kings are a great band who deserve a good audience and, although there weren't so many of us, I think we made them feel welcome  and Jason added to the fun by playing some great music.

23rd September - Vintage another new band to our club but it won't be their only visit.  What a tremendous three piece they were. Tight sound and tight harmonies and very well rehearsed.  Can't wait to see them again.  Jason's Jukebox kept everything going and, over all, it was a perfect evening.

19th August  - Ronnie & The Reverbs,  who were new to our club, did a great job entertaining 92 us with a wide selection of songs and they coped well with the problems we had with the stage lights. Bo Duddley picked up the slack and over all it wasn't a bad night apart from complaints about the beer.

22nd July - The Alleycats performed two great sets and Jason's Jukebox did us proud too.  Again we were missing quite a few regulars and especially the Bristol crowd but it is holiday season so I guess we were lucky to get those we did.  Paul, the drummer, left his bag of drumsticks behind but I sorted that out with the help of The Post Office!

 but it is holi17th June - Rock Back The Clock put on a great show for us as did Jason's Jukebox. It was a very hot night and I wasn't expecting many through the door but we still had 90 which was great.  Shame we didn't get the Bristol crowd and there were a few regulars missing but there were also some new faces so all in all it evened itself out.

20th May - We had a great night with The Roosters and Bo Duddley but sadly the numbers were down as the band was playing at the BAWA the very next day.  This never used to be a problem but has become one over the past couple of years.  However,  as Bill was playing elsewhere with The Kingkats, we had our old mate Joe Peden, ex of Colin Paul's band, on guitar and what a brilliant job he did too.  It was lovely to see him again. Earlier on in the month Jason's crew took part in the regular May Day celebrations in Trowbridge

29th April - Rockin The Joint came after a 6 year absence.  I don't know why because they were brilliant and went down so well i've booked them again next year. If we continue getting audiences of around the 100 mark we'll have a great year. Jason's Jukebox provided the support and Jason never ceases to amaze me.  We even had film shows!

21st -23rd April - Went to Paignton for the Yesterday Once More Weekend.  I didn't think the atmosphere was the same as previous years and there were certainly not as many people there. There were some great bands on though - Joey & The Jivers, Shayne & The Korrados, PLay It Cool, Rockin' The Joint, The Alligators, Downtown Daddyo's, Jive Street, Pagan, Rockin' 'Em, The Heatbeats, Good Rockin' Tonight and The Kingcats. I enjoyed Rockin Em so booked them for next year and i'm chasing Shayne & The Korradoes.

25th March ...This Little Girl & The Dillicats returned after they went down so well last year and they went down just as well again this year.  They gave us a great show and next time we hope to get The Accidents just for a change to liven the club up.  Bo Duddley played some great music too and a lot of Chuck Berry after we lost him this week.

25th February ...well we made it to our 15th Birthday which happened to be our 183rd dance and we also had over 100 people through the door too. The Delray Rockets were fantastic and gave the club a well needed kick up the arse and we had our original DJ, Cockney Rebel with us too.  There were some faces from that very first dance in 2002 and even Rich, Maria and Anne came back for the evening.  It was a very nostalgic evening.

 28th January...we had Greggi G & His Crazy Gang with Bo Duddley and we had a fantastic start to the year with around 75 in and we managed to cover everything. Let's hope the year carries on like this and especially with our 15th coming up soon.

21st January...I attended the Rockers Reunion at Reading and wrote a review for MBSN.  It was a great night with some great bands. Buy the magazine to read about it!

17th December...we had The Rock-A-Toons at the club with Cockney Rebel and both were on top form.  We had a great night with almost 100 punters through the door so again we were able to pay everyone and bank some of the raffle money. What a brilliant end to the year.  I also went to see the That'll Be The Day Christmas show at Salisbury City Hall.  It's the third time i've seen them now and i've been really impressed every time. Such talent. So have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year. I have to thank Linda for all her publicity and taking over the posters and Jean for supplying most of our raffle prizes.  See you all next year!

we h3rd December...we had a stall at the Christmas Fayre and managed to raise 134 which will help us with our next dance.  It was a lot of fun and we need to thank everyone who donated things for the stall.  Later on Carol and me went to Bristol Hippodrome to see Million Dollar Quartet which was fantastic and Jason Donovan played a great Sam Phillips.  All the musicians played  the music well although Sun Studio wasn't quite as I remember it.  Artistic licence I guess.

26th November...Josie & The Outlaw came to us with Bo Duddley and it was another good night with around 70 in but, as it happens, the band are a rare breed in that they charge a reasonable fee so we were able to cover everything and make some money on the raffle.

22nd October ...we had The TT's featuring Terry Clemson plus Bo Duddley. It was a great night but again the attendance was low and only 58 came through the door so we lost money again.  To be honest we can't keep going like this if people aren't going to support us.  I hope we can make it to our 15th Anniversary next February.

24th September...and Joey & The Jivers came to the club.  They were brilliant as usual we heard a few days before the Rockin' Billy had joined the Police Force (a lifetime ambition) so that had curtailed his DJ activities so he asked Cockney Rebel to take his place. Sadly we clashed with The Sand Bay weekend so only had 65 in the audience.  We only needed another15 to cover our costs but it was still a great night. Our dancers had also been out and about at various functions during the month.

20th August...It was Lacock at War weekend and again the dancers were out promoting the club but in the evening we had Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires and Bo Duddley who gave us a brilliant evening of music and entertainment.

13th August ...some of us went to Seend Fete and the usual gang put on a great show as usual.

30th July... We had The Wildkatz at the club. It's been 12 years since they were last here but they were still as mad as ever and Trevor was recovering from pneumonia so it's amazing how he kept going. It was a great night though and I hope we can get them again.  Cockney Rebel played a good selection of music too.  

25th une ....Jason and his crew were busy with Armed Forces Day in Trowbridge and in the evening we had The Fabulous Dough Boys from Bristol who were absolutely fantastic.  Bo Duddley did his usual best too.  Numbers were slightly down but not not too bad. Hopefully the next one will pull it back.

9th June...Jason and his team organised a record hop at Bromham Village Hall which was good fun and quite well attended.  I loved the film shows so I hope they do it again.

28th May ....We had a great night with The Stingrays and we had over 100 in with loads of new faces who obviously follow the band but hopefully they might be encouraged to come again. Cockney Rebel was our DJ and It's been a while since he was there.  He was our regular DJ for many years after we started and he is a great DJ as he plays quite a varied array of music. Jason also gave us some cash from the May Fayre in Trowbridge so we can actually bank. some money for a change.

28th to 29th May....You can come and meet the gang during The Selwood Steam fayre at Southwick while they give a jive demo. It should be great fun so come along! 

30th April 2016.....Back at the club we had the amazing Play It Cool with Rockin' Billy. They were such a good band and came all the way from Cornwall too.  Only a small turn out but I think everone enjoyed themselves or at least I hope they did.  We also had a few newcomers thanks to Jason and Sam's jive lessons and I hope they come back. Don't forget next month it's 10 to get in!

15th to 18th April 2016.....We went to Paignton for the Yesterday Once More weekender at Beverley Park.  Another good weekender although you have to find your own food. On the first evening we saw The Firebirds, Joey & The Jivers and The Bobcats.  Saturday saw Pagan doing his solo show the Play It Cool followed by The Firebirds backing Colin Paul, The Kingcats and Downtown Daddyo's then on Sunday we had The Fabulous Dough Boys, The Alligators, Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires, The earl Jackson Four followed by Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight.  I'm not sure it was a good idea to do two weekends on the trot as I was knackered but I loved every second. I also did a review for Maggie's Blue Suede News so look out for that.

8th to 11th April 2016.....We went to Folkestone for the Holiday Rock weekender at The Burstin Hotel.  I know many say this hotel is dated but I don't have a problem with that and the food is ok seeing as you get fed three times a day. The lifts can be a bit tempramental but hardly a problem. While we were there we saw Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires and The Kingcats on the first evening.  On Saturday we saw The Roosters, The Sonny Ray band, Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight and Si Cranstoun and his band but we also had a special guest on stage with Mark, the legend himself, Johnnie Fox, which was an extraordinary experience. Sunday saw Vintage, who I mentioned earlier, Joey & The Jivers and The Firebirds. I also wrote a review for Maggie's Blue Suede News. It was a really good weekend and good value for money.

2nd April April 2016.....I popped down to Spencer's to see Wee Willy Harris and Stray Dogs.  It was a shame Willy used backing tracks as the sound wasn't set up properly and I know he can sing well with a band.  Stray Dogs were an adequate band who did what they had to do but I don't think they were as totally together as they could be but I'm sure they'll improve with time.

26th March 2016.....This Little Girl & The Dillicats finally got here after having to cancel a few years ago and I think we were all glad they did because they took the club by storm. What a great band they are and they had the audience eating out of their hands.  A very talented family unit who are obviously very close.  They will definitely be back.  Our old mate Bo Duddley was with us too.  I have also decided to increase the cost of entrance on the May dance to 10 as we still aren't getting the numbers we need.

5th March 2016.....decided to go down to Spencer's to see Shazam as I hadn't seen them in a while. They are a very good band but seem to be more settled in the 60's Rock 'n' Roll era which is no problem at all.

27th February 2016.....We had Colin Paul & The Persuaders and Rockin' Billy here.  Unfortunately Colin had a bad throat and the band were playing at the Elvis weekend in Brean so the band did a lot of the work but things didn't seem right and we learned a week later that the band had split up which is such a shame as they were such a tight unit. 

30th January 2016.....The club year started well with Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight who are on top form at the moment and Rockin' Billy who played some great music to keep everyone dancing. It was strange without Rich being there although he and Maria did come to say goodbye to Kirsty who has looked after us for several years at the Assembly Hall and now Anne has left the raffle seat Margaret has taken up the challenge with gusto and both her and Pat handle the front desk very well with a welcome smile. Numbers were good but did not quite cover our overheads.

23rd January 2016.....Went to Reading for the Rocker's Reunion which was a great alldayer and I was there to write a review for Maggie's Blue Suede News.  There were some great bands; Vintage, Shane & The Karrados, The Rapiers,  The Spunyboys, Joe Clay and his band and Crazy Cavan and his Rhythm Rockers. Every one of them was superb and I want to get Vintage to the club. Don't think I could afford The Spunnyboys although I wish I could.  If you love the smell of leather it's the place to go. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go again next year!



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