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30th April 2016.....Back at the club we had the amazing Play It Cool with Rockin' Billy. They were such a good band and came all the way from Cornwall too.  Only a small turn out but I think everone enjoyed themselves or atleast I hope they did.  We also had a few newcomers thanks to Jason and Sam's jive lessons and I hope they come back. Don't forget next month it's 10 to get in!

15th to 18th April 2016.....We went to Paignton for the Yesterday Once More weekender at Beverley Park.  Another good weekender although you have to find your own food.On the first evening we saw The Firebirds, Joey & The Jivers and The Bobcats.  Saturday saw Pagan doing his solo show the Play It Cool followed by The Firebirds backing Colin Paul, The Kingcats and Downtown Daddyo's then on Sunday we had The Fabulous Dough Boys, The Alligators, Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires, The earl Jackson Four followed by Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight.  I'm not sure it was a good idea to do two weekends on the trot as I was knackered but I loved every second. I also did a review for Maggie's Blue Suede News so look out for that.

8th to 11th April 2016.....We went to Folkestone for the Holiday Rock weekender at The Burstin Hotel.  I know many say this hotel is dated but I don't have a problem with that and the food is ok seeing as you get fed three times a day. The lifts can be a bit tempramental but hardly a problem. While we were there we saw Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires and The Kingcats on the first evening.  On saturday we saw The Roosters, The Sonny Ray band, Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight and Si Cranstoun and his band but we also had a special guest on stage with Mark, the legend himself, Johnnie Fox, which was an extraordinary experience. Sunday saw Vintage, who I mentioned earlier, Joey & The Jivers and The Firebirds.I also wrote a review for Maggie's Blue Suede News. It was a really good weekend and good value for money.

2nd April April 2016.....I popped down to Spencer's to see Wee Willy Harris and Stray Dogs.  It was a shame Willy used backing tracks as the sound wasn't set up properly and I know he can sing well with a band.  Stray Dogs were an adequate band who did what they had to do but I don't think they totally together as they could be but i'm sure they'll improve with time.

26th March 2016.....This Little Girl & The Dillicats finally got here after having to cancel a few years ago and I think we were all glad they did because they took the club by storm. What a great band they are and they had the audience eating out of their hands.  A very talented family unit who are obviously very close.  They will definitely be back.  Our old mate Bo Duddley was with us too.  I have also decided to increase the cost of entrance on the May dance to 10 as we still aren't getting the numbers we need.

5th March 2016.....decided to go down to Spencer's to see Shazam as I hadn't seen them in a while. They are a very good band but seem to be more settled in the 60's Rock 'n' Roll era which is no problem at all.

27th February 2016.....We had Colin Paul & The Persuaders and Rockin' Billy here.  Unfortunately Colin had a bad throat and the band were playing at the Elvis weekend in Brean so the band did a lot of the work but things didn't seem right and we learned a week later that the band had split up which is such a shame as they were such a tight unit. 

30th January 2016.....The club year started well with Mark Keeley's Good Rockin' Tonight who are on top form at the moment and Rockin' Billy who played some great music to keep everyone dancing. It was strange without Rich being there although he and Maria did come to say goodbye to Kirsty who has looked after us for several years at the Assembly Hall and now Anne has left the raffle seat Margaret has taken up the challenge with gusto and both her and Pat handle the front desk very well with a welcome smile. Numbers were good but did not quite cover our overheads.

23rd January 2016.....Went to Reading for the Rocker's Reunion which was a great alldayer and I was there to write a review for Maggie's Blue Suede News.  There were some great bands; Vintage, Shane & The Karrados, The Rapiers,  The Spunnyboys, Joe Clay and his band and Crazy Cavan and his Rhythm Rockers. Every one of them was superb and I want to get Vintage to the club. Don't think I could afford The Spunnyboys although I wish I could.  If you love the smell of leather it's the place to go. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go again next year!



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